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Client Reviews


Great lawyer 5.0 stars

Posted by Bob  

Alan Hendrix did a great job seeing my case through trial to a positive decision from the judge in our favor. He was honest and up front from our first meeting and was diligent, organized, and efficient throughout the process while dealing with a difficult opposing counsel and defendant. After our winning judgment Alan successfully negotiated a settlement delivered satisfaction and some sorely needed cash back into my hands after many lawyers might have thrown in the towel. In trial he was strategic and surgical in dismantling the opposition’s case. His knowledge of case law was outstanding and his research was excellent. I would recommend Alan to anyone out there looking for a good and fair lawyer.

Effective and Efficient

Posted by Carla 

My husband and I were involved in a civil lawsuit with a construction contractor. (The contractor sued us for not paying the final invoice.) We were certain we had been overcharged by this contractor and he would not provide us with detail receipts from sub-contractors. We also had many defects that the contractor wouldn't fix. We were representing ourselves after getting subpar representation from another lawyer who drew the case out for another two years while we paid him lawyer fees every month. When we knew we were dealing with a large case of fraud and needed a good lawyer to help us resolve it, we were referred to Mr. Hendrix. Not only did he take our case on short notice, (we were one month from trial and a week from meeting with a mediator,) he immediately went to bat for us. He did more for us in 10 days then our previous attorney did in two years. We found him to be very effective in communicating with the Plaintiffs attorney AND kept us updated on all communications. We were able to resolve our case in mediation and avoided going to trial. AND we were able to recoup some of the money we were overcharged (about half). My husband and I originally were hesitant to pay for "another lawyer", but think Mr. Hendrix was worth every cent. We hope we never have to experience another legal nightmare such as this, but if we do we would call Alan Hendrix again in a heartbeat.

Excellent representation and legal advisor 5.0 stars

Posted by Warren 

Alan represented me in a family law case and I could not have been more pleased. He was frugal with my time and money, and expertly guided/advised me throughout the entire legal process. Alan listened to my concerns and answered my many questions. He allowed me to make decisions throughout the process, but always offered helpful advice along the way. I highly recommend Alan to anyone needing an attorney.

I am grateful for Alan's excellent representation. I have had the pleasure of knowing Alan for over eleven years. Although he is an extremely knowledgeable and highly intelligent attorney, he is also a down-to-earth, no-nonsense, compassionate person. I have had several different legal situations in both business and personally, that I have asked Alan to represent me. In each case, he has provided me with straight forward information in terms that I can understand. I am truly grateful for his professionalism and the knowledge that I can always count on his wise guidance.  Sherri

I have known Alan Hendrix for almost thirty years. He is the first call I make when I have a legal questions or situation. Alan is very easy to reach by phone or email. If I leave a message he gets back to me in the same day. He is highly knowledgeable about the legal system in many areas but does not hesitate to research a topic if he is not certain of the answer. You won't find an attorney that works harder for his clients than Alan. I have referred Alan to many family members and friends and will continue to do so.  Susan

Exceptional Representation

His trial representation was extremely professional. Preparation was exacting and exhaustive which was advantageous and apparent during trial. Very determined individual, never got caught up in the minute but kept the big picture in focus. Has the ability to laugh at himself and situation which I feel is an important attribute during a serious trial. He was very fair in his billings; never felt I was being nickeled and dimed. I would highly recommend him for his professional abilities and personal qualities. Oh, and it did not hurt that we won!   Douglas

Mr. Hendrix expertly handled a rather complicated lawsuit involving fence and trespassing laws in Colorado. The case was settled out of court. We appreciated Mr. Hendrix's professionalism, frugal spending of our money, he is concise yet took the extra effort to explain when necessary. We anticipate that he will be needed in related issues with the original case, we will be well represented by him.  Bill and Collen

Alan demonstrated a high level of care and skill when he served as our legal counsel in a litigation matter. He provided advice that was practical and easy to understand.  Tim and Mary

Alan is an amazing lawyer. He not only helped me, but also assisted my grandfather. He responds to emails extremely quick and you can tell he cares about his clients. Alan goes above and beyond what is asked of him and my expectations of a lawyer. I could not be more grateful of the services and assistance he provided to me. He has protected my future and I can not thank him enough. I highly recommend Alan and will use him in the future if an issue ever arises.INSERT THE TESTIMONIAL TEXT HERE. FOR EXAMPLE:Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.



Alan represented me for a little over a year for a domestic violence divorce case, involving kids, that turned ugly. I can be very impatient when my anxiety spikes up and Alan always had patience for me. He always gave me the best advice. I left an abusive and controlling marriage and their dad ended up with full custody for the last year based on things out of my control, the main thing being time. I put all my trust and confidence in him and even though he couldn't get me everything I wanted, he was able to get me all of my compromises/settlements that I asked in place of what I truly wanted. Even though Alan winning my case wasn't a guarantee, I felt that if I told my story and gave him all of the evidence that he would be able to blow this out of the water and that's exactly what he did. I could not have asked for a greater lawyer. Thank you Alan for everything. I am so grateful to know you and have had a chance to work with you. Alan is my only recommendation if you're looking for an attorney!


He’s the best!

He helped me through my divorce and did an excellent job. He is a great attorney. Highly recommend



Mr. Hendrix handled a case for me over an 18- month period. I found his legal advice very useful. He didn't just go straight into litigation like I wanted to but he started with alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. When we finally went to the litigation phase, he was very detailed and proactive in the steps he took. Although the case took longer than expected to resolve (through no fault of his), he remained patient and engaged. He provided very good counsel on appropriate actions to take and when to take them, ultimately resulting in a successful outcome. Great work Alan and thank you!!